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Medical Withdrawal Policy

Upon presenting appropriate medical documentation to the Dean of Student Affairs, a student may be allowed to drop a course, and will be encouraged to take the course when next it is offered. All withdrawal policy requirements apply (see Add/Drop Policy).

In order to avoid financial difficulties, especially with regard to financial aid, the student must work with the instructor to determine whether the student may be granted an Incomplete grade and allowed to complete course work in the following term.

All students are strongly encouraged to check with the Financial Aid and Bursar’s Offices when considering dropping or adding courses after the start of term.

If the student finds it necessary to drop all courses for the term, the student will be considered to be on leave of absence for medical reasons, and will be asked to complete the Registrar’s leave-of-absence/withdrawal form.

International students who wish to drop or withdraw from courses, in part or completely, must visit the International Student Office for recommendation for a Medical Reduced Course Load prior to dropping courses.

Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation: Acting Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing, Registrar
Date of Last Revision: August 2012