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14 de diciembre de 2021

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Garrity, Mary

Dean of School of Education, Senior Instructor
Program Chair, Special Education/Autism
University of Massachusetts/Lowell
Special Education/Autism
School Affiliation

Cambridge College School of Education

Academic Focus

Areas of teaching specialization: Professional Seminar and Practicum Seminar

Community Involvement

Institutional Service

  • 2004 to Present - Program Chair: Special Education Programs
  • Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities
  • BCBA (Autism Program)
  • Acting Chair 2016 - Early Childhood, Elementary

2012 DESE Review – Co-Chair
2013 TEAC Brief Proposal – Steering Committee

  • Teacher Licensure Committee – Former Chair
  • Academic Excellence Committee
  • NEASC Standard Eight
  • Ed.D. -  University of Massachusetts at Lowell - Leadership in Schooling
  • C.A.G.S. - Salem State College - Innovative Trends in Education
  • M.Ed. - Boston State College - Special Education
  • B.A. - Emmanuel College - History

Licenses and Certification

  • Generic Special Education/ Mild Special Needs
  • Moderate Special Needs - Secondary
  • Supervisor Director


  • Elementary (K-6)
  • English (7-12)
  • History (7-12)
Professional Experience

2002         Salem State College – Fall (2003)- faculty instructor

1971-2002 Saugus Public Schools
•    Veterans Memorial School: Students with Severe Disabilities, (Elementary)
•    Saugus High School: Students with Severe Disabilities, Students with Moderate Disabilities, Social Studies, Photography

Research & Publications

2006 - Cambridge College - Survey of graduates of Cambridge College graduates to ascertain satisfaction with program (Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilites).
2003 - Massachusetts Teachers Association (collaborative activity) Web based survey of teachers exploring their attitudes, expectations and beliefs toward teaching and Association (MTA) activities.
2002 - Massachusetts Teachers Association - Survey of former teachers who had taught fewer than ten years. The survey questioned experiences of young teachers and the reasons they left the profession
2001 - Doctoral Dissertation - Teacher Retirement: A Study of the Conditions Affecting Teachers’ Retirement Decisions in Massachusetts.
2000-01 - The Teachers’ Blueprint -An MTA document based on research that highlighted direction for change.
1995 - Inclusion: A Survey of the Attitudes of Massachusetts Educators Toward Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in the Regular Education Classroom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Professional Memberships & Affiliations
  • ASCD
  • CEC