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Sean Musselman named "Science Teacher of the Year"

Sean Musselman: "Science Teacher of the Year"
Sean Musselman (MEd '08): "Science Teacher of the Year"

Last week the Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers held its annual MAST Conference and presented a number of awards to science educators. Burlington’s Sean Musselman was honored as the “2017 Science Teacher of the Year for Middlesex County,” a blog post from the Burlington Science Center says.

“He sat beside fellow educators from across the state being recognized for outstanding accomplishments,” the post states. “He was acknowledged for his role as the facilitator of the K-8 robotics programs, Burlington curriculum development & implementation, his role as a NSTA curator and the creation of his national NSTA online book on weather and climate. Congratulations Mr. Musselman!”

In a blog post of his own, Musselman said he was honored and humbled by the award and that it was possible due to his fellow educators.

“I sat beside fellow educators from across the state being recognized for outstanding accomplishments, humbled by their stories of bringing their experiences on Antarctic expeditions to their biology and oceanography students, and their dedication toward some of the most diverse and neediest populations in the state,” he said. “Descriptors like ‘exemplary’ and ‘outstanding’ were used in sincerity. But when reflecting on each of the merits for my own award I could not help but acknowledge that none of them would have come to fruition without the outstanding community of fellow educators and staff I work and collaborate with everyday.”

“So while the plaque reads ‘Sean Musselman,’ the application for me (submitted by my incredible partner-in-science-crime, Wendy Pavlicek) and every future ‘Teacher of the Year’ will be a story of community and collaboration, people and partnerships, professional learning networks, critical friends groups, or whatever else you want to call them,” Musselman said.

Read his entire post here.