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Dr. Reid earns PhD

Barbara Koffske Reid, Core Faculty Member in the School of Undergraduate Studies, earned her Ph.D. at The Heller School of Social Policy at Brandeis University earlier this year.

Dr. Reid’s dissertation addressed the role that wellness and health promotion play in addressing mental and physical health concerns. Her doctoral studies have focused on disparities in health and health care while examining strategies to increase physical and mental health for all populations. From her studies in disparities, mental and behavioral health including addictions, she found that focusing on wellness and health promotion was an effective way to lessen disparities in health while offering a model that serves to empower people as they learn how to take an active role in creating their own health. Dr. Reid earned her first Master’s degree from Cambridge College in Counseling Psychology and her second Master’s degree is in Social Policy focusing on Disparities and Social Determinants of Health. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Dr. Reid was also awarded the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s National Research Service Award. She has been an active member of the Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Services Advisory Group on Education and Workforce Development for many years. Dr. Reid previously directed the Bachelor of Science in Human Services and is currently developing a Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion in the School of Undergraduate Studies at Cambridge College. She is also leading a research project to study the effects of self-care and stress reduction techniques on adult learners and is writing a book on the impact of nutrition on inflammation and disease.  

Dr. Reid has been teaching at the College for more than 16 years, and is an active advocate of individuals reaching their full potential. She is an avid student of the field of human potential. One of her loves is teaching “Strategies for Success” where she encourages students to reconnect with their dreams and passions, and she helps them create a plan to achieve their goals.

We are extremely proud of Dr. Barbara Koffske Reid’s academic accomplishment.  Please join us in congratulating her.