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CCPR Faculty Publish in Impacto Educativo Journal

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Cambridge College Puerto Rico faculty contribute articles to Impacto Educativa Journal.

Two articles from Cambridge College Puerto Rico faculty were recently published in Volume 2 of Impacto Educativo Journal, the publication of the University of Puerto Rico at Managuez Teacher Preparation Program.

Dr. Santiago Mendez Hernandez, CCPR Regional Center Director and faculty member, authored “Para reflexionar y actuar: El aprendizaje afectivo resultará más efectivo” which begins on page 16. Dr. Rivera Villafañe, CCPR Special Education and Health programs faculty member, wrote “Neurociencia educativa: ¿Cree usted que los docentes deben prepararse en temas de neurociencias?” which starts on page 12.

 “For me, and according to Socio Emotional Learning (SEL)-recognized scholars and thinkers, it will be more effective to deliver classes through affective learning experiences. Even remotely, it is needed to integrate SEL strategies to be effective,” commented Dr. Mendez.

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