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Cambridge College Helps Students Become Masters of Their Future

Dr. Santiago Mendez-Hernandez, Director of Cambridge College Puerto Rico
Dr. Santiago Mendez-Hernandez, Director of Cambridge College Puerto Rico

For the past two years, Cambridge College Puerto Rico Regional Center has been experiencing substantial enrollment growth; in fact, it grew 144 percent when compared with the 2015 academic year.

“We are working assertively hard,” said its new director Dr. Santiago Mendez-Hernandez. “Now Puerto Rico knows what Cambridge College is, its prestige and value when pursuing job promotions and new professional opportunities on the island and around the world.”

More than 20 years ago, Cambridge College opened a campus in downtown San Juan, with graduate programs that have been attracting adult learners and busy professionals from throughout Puerto Rico.

“Cambridge College programs are designed specifically for adults who are juggling the multiple responsibilities of family, work and life,” Dr. Mendez-Hernandez said. “By combining its signature graduate programs with expert faculty and a bilingual, multicultural, multigenerational student body, the Puerto Rico Regional Center offers a unique, flexible and affordable college experience that fits the needs of today’s graduate student professionals.”

Cambridge College programs include master’s in Education (autism specialist, elementary education, library teacher, mathematics education, school administration, special education, specialization in health, and teaching English as a second language); Master’s in Management (in business and in technology); and Master’s in Psychology and Counseling (mental health counseling). Dr. Mendez-Hernandez said new programs will be added in the next years, aligning them to Puerto Rico’s current professional needs. He added that in the next five years, “Cambridge College Puerto Rico Regional Center aspires to have new facilities, continue with direct personal assistance for students and recruit the most experienced and prestigious local educators to teach.”

Dr. Mendez-Hernandez explained that “family is part of our professional growth” and, as such, students and their families are welcome during weekend classes. The staff and faculty are very conscious of the importance of integrating students’ family and needs with the teaching and learning process, he said.

“In addition, flexibility is part of our discipline,” Dr. Mendez-Hernandez said. “Cambridge College Puerto Rico students get involved in a Flip School Teaching & Learning Model, where most of the coursework is done in face-to-face classes during alternate weekends, with direct assistance from their professors, and the rest is done online.”

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