Actualizaciones de COVID-19
6 de julio de 2020

Cambridge College continuará sus procesos de enseñanza en modalidad remoto hasta el otoño de 2020-2021. La salud y seguridad de nuestros estudiantes, profesores, personal y comunidad son sumamente importantes para nosotros. Por favor, consulte nuestras actualizaciones sobre COVID-19. Conoce más

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MassHealth and Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Do you have MassHealth coverage?

If so,  you will be required* to enroll in Cambridge College's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) at no additional cost to you.

If you currently have MassHealth coverage, you may be able to enroll in Cambridge College's health insurance plan, without paying any more than you currently do. If  you qualify, you will be automatically enrolled into CC's SHIP, and MassHealth will pay for the SHIP premium.

You'll get more benefits, without paying more

Through this MassHealth Premium Assistance program, you'll pay the same amount that you do now, but you'll be able to:

  • Have a greater choice of providers when you need health care services. You can use any of the providers in CC's SHIP plan network, with no referral necessary.
  • Pay the same MassHealth low or no co-pay when you see a SHIP in-network provider.
  • Be covered when you're in other states or anywhere around the world if you are traveling.

To learn more, download the MassHealth Information Sheet