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Martinez, Milagros

Adjunct Instructor
University of Puerto Rico
School Affiliation

Cambridge College School of Education

Academic Focus
  • Curriculum and Teaching
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Educational Administration and Supervision
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Qualitative Research
Community Involvement
  • Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Partner
  • Current Radio Host of Educational Program “Punto y Aparte” at Hispanic Radio Bomba 104.5 &  WSPR 1270
  • Calvary’s Love Church, Board Member
Courses Taught
  • Linguistics for ESL Diverse Learners
  • Using Technology with Diverse Populations
  • Teaching Materials and Techniques for ESL Learners
  • Teaching Content to ESL Leaners
  • Sheltered Content Instruction and Assessment



•    Doctor of Education - University of Puerto Rico - Piedras, PR  - Educational Administration and Supervision
•    Doctor of Education - University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras, PR - Curriculum and Instruction, ESL
•    Master of Education in TESL University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras, PR
•    Bachelor of Arts - University of Puerto Rico - Humacao, PR - Secondary Level, Education, English


Education is constantly evolving and the standards that are intended to regulate teaching call educators today to face a wide range of overall ideas that merge to advocate educational improvements. Although the large-scale of methods and theories are important for instruction in all learning venues, I am aware that teaching entails a great opportunity to impact every partaker and I that I must take this chance as an instance to make a contribution in our society. I believe that as an educator, my goal is to guide students through meaningful experiences that can assist each apprentice in meeting their fullest potential during their learning experience. It is my objective that all partakers are aware of their individual value and of their potential, so they can give for a better society and they can reflect full responsibility in their process and product regardless of their backgrounds and experiences.

Each student is unique and this uniqueness is crucial. We should be observant to each need because it is vital that teachers enrich each setting in all areas while achieving competence and performance. Also, we need to pay attention to the wide range of standards if we are to reach excellence and high values of performance. Within this process, I must reach diversity and extent to provide opportunities for authentic learning and inquiry. Also, I believe that emergent situations are learning opportunities. The student's role is to progress individually through instruction and to increase capacity to a maximum level of achievement and I believe that the teacher is a facilitator that delivers instances to find answers to questions, to construct knowledge, and to discover individually and collectively. I consider essential to provide occasions to reinforce the lesson, to practice the skills, to enrich the experience of all partakers, and to allow for authentic learning activities that stimulate learning and foster further desire to learn. It has been proven that an enriched learning environment that includes hands-on, in groups, problem solving, research, writing, and other intuitive tasks stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain. Also, providing learning environments have proven scientifically to be effective in the classroom and motivates the partaker’s own way of learning at all levels.

Professional Experience
  • Professional Services at Davidson Media Group - West Springfield, MA
  • Faculty Member - Caribbean University College - Guaynabo, PR
  • Director of Education - Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Volunteer - Springfield, MA
  • Education Consultant: Professional Development, Consulting and Coaching - San Juan, PR
  • Santillana, Guyanabo PR
  • Learning Alliances, Guaynabo PR
  • Houghton, Mifflin & Harcourt, San Juan PR
  • Professional Consultants, San Juan, PR
  • Dean of Academic Affairs - Medicine Program, San Juan Bautista School of Medicine - Caguas, PR
  • Assistant Professor - University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon - Bayamón, PR
  • Teacher of English as a Second Language - Department of Education
  • Instructor - University of Puerto Rico at Humacao - Humacao, PR
Research & Publications

Developed and currently host my own educational radio program weekly

Professional Memberships & Affiliations
  • Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Evaluación (Puerto Rican Evaluation Society)
  • Puerto Rico Teachers of English for Students of Other Languages (PRTESOL)
  • Licensed Notary Public for the state of Massachusetts