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Alumni Profiles

Class of 2001
“Cambridge College made the following quote come to fruition for me: ‘If you believe it, you can achieve it.’ Thanks, Cambridge College.”
Rosalind Smith
Class of 2013
"Cambridge College has provided great insight about entrepreneurship and professional development for me."
Joseph Richardson
Class of 1989
"I am very successful today because of my educational experience at Cambridge College.”
Angel Rosa,Cambridge College alumnus
Class of 2006
“Donna’s mentoring changed me as a professional, and I learned to be an innovator and an entrepreneur at Cambridge College."
Dave Rattigan
Class of 2016
The Master of Management program was appealing for multiple reasons. Chief among them is that it was intellectually interesting, and Dave found many of professors were excellent at their craft. The lessons could be applied both to the classroom and to his own real-life business.
Priya Samant
Class of 2010
"I’m applying the values, skills and leadership I learned at the College to underprivileged people so they can become independent, have leadership qualities and succeed in their lives. All in all, Cambridge College was the backbone of my formation as a business woman and entrepreneur."
James Johnson
Class of 2012
"Building relationships with the other students in the cohort enabled me to more readily apply the skills we were learning."
Michelle McDonald
Class of 2013
"The blended learning courses give me the freedom on online courses and valuable face to face classroom interaction with my instructor and peers...."
Beth Stafford
Class of 2009
"...Cambridge College lets the adult learner put that knowledge to work..."
Brad Hatfield
Class of 2010
"As an adult learner, I could go evening and weekends. I went to a meeting there and loved that it was a diverse crowd—people from all over the world. I didn’t feel out of place because I was just as different as anybody else. I had my own story. So I decided to enroll."