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Admissions Personnel Travel Advance Policy

Date of Original Implementation: N/A

Date of Last Revision: October 2011


Admissions personnel customarily travel on College business in order to perform the duties of their positions and may obtain a rolling travel advance in accordance with this policy. This advance is provided to cover out of pocket travel expenses, primarily mileage that is routinely reimbursed to them from College accounts.


Who May Receive Advances

Admissions personnel whose primary job responsibility is off-campus student recruitment.

Approval of Advances

All advances require the signature of both the Supervisor and the Budget Manager. The amount of the travel advance will be determined by the Supervisor, Budget Manager and Controller based on the average amount of travel expenses incurred by the Admissions employee over the last year or other appropriate supporting information.

Process and Repayment of Advances

Admissions employees seeking a travel advance must complete a travel advance request form and submit it to their Supervisor. The Supervisor will process the request pursuant to the approval of advances section above. The requested travel advance will be a revolving fund, replenished to the level of original funding upon submission of documented expenses. (For example, if an employee receives a $300 advance and $100 in expense receipts are submitted in 30 days, a new advance check will be issued to the employee for $100 to maintain the revolving travel advance fund at the original $300 threshold.)

This travel advance is a direct loan to the employee and must be repaid in full by the employee, unless it is fully expended on approved expenses. Expenses must be adequately accounted for by submission of appropriate receipts every 30 days and must not exceed a submission deadline of 60 days after the expenses were incurred. Because the travel advance is a revolving fund for Admissions employees to conduct recruitment, a determination of whether funds provided are in excess of actual expenses will be conducted at the end of employment in this capacity or when the employee chooses to end the travel advance revolving fund. All excess travel advance funds must be repaid to the College within 120 days of the final accounting.

Any portion of the travel advance that is lost or stolen is the responsibility of the borrower as there is no College liability in this situation. Any outstanding travel advance must be repaid prior to leaving employment from the College. Any outstanding advances may be withheld from an employee’s final pay check as noted in the signed travel advance request form.


Individual Responsible for Revision and Implementation: V.P. for Finance & Administration and Controller