Las oficinas de CC Puerto Rico estarán cerradas desde el Martes 19 hasta el Domingo, 24 de Septiembre
updated September 20 at 11:00am

Esto debido al paso del Huracán María.  Trataremos de mantenernos disponibles por medio de correo electrónico por cualquier urgencia. Tan pronto reanudemos labores, le comunicaremos por este medio, inclusive el estatus del horario del fin de semana. Nuestros mejores deseos para que este fenomeno de la naturaleza no afecte profundamente a nuestro pueblo puertorriqueño.

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School of Psychology & Counseling Welcome!

I invite you to consider studying at Cambridge College's School of Psychology & Counseling.

The School of Psychology & Counseling is a broadly based and inclusive school offering graduate level professional training for practicing clinicians, counseling professionals in the schools, and other human service workers who need an in-depth knowledge of psychology and counseling.

The School of Psychology & Counseling serves working professionals who are returning to higher education with much to teach as well as to learn. Our faculty provides an adult education process that empowers adult students to bring their own personal and professional life experiences into the classroom. Our students are both learners and teachers. In our classrooms, adults who are wise, experienced and educated, together with those who may have been denied education by circumstance, enjoy the opportunity of counselor training that is rooted in the realities of contemporary life, recognizing that there are converging forces and influences which impact individuals, groups, and communities. The school puts strong emphasis on student-centered curriculum, peer learning, and the linkage between theory and practice. This educational model supports adults in remaining lifelong learners.


Dr. Niti Seth, Ed.D.