Las oficinas de CC Puerto Rico estarán cerradas desde el Martes 19 hasta el Viernes 22 de Septiembre
updated September 19 at 9:00am

Esto debido al paso del Huracán María.  Trataremos de mantenernos disponibles por medio de correo electrónico por cualquier urgencia. Tan pronto reanudemos labores, le comunicaremos por este medio, inclusive el estatus del horario del fin de semana. Nuestros mejores deseos para que este fenomeno de la naturaleza no afecte profundamente a nuestro pueblo puertorriqueño.

Payroll – Due Date for Submitting Weekly Timesheets

Date of original implementation: August 2011 Date of Last Revision: October 2011


To state the College’s policy regarding weekly submission of timesheets to the Payroll Office.


The policy applies to all employees paid on an hourly basis, including Union and Non Union Staff, Casual and Temporary employees and Work Study students.


Employees who are paid on an hourly basis must submit a completed and approved time sheet to the Payroll office no later than noon (EST) on the Monday following the week worked. For this purpose, the work week for hourly employees starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. If the College is closed on a Monday, for a holiday, the payroll sheets must be submitted on Friday at noon (EST) and any weekend hours may be estimated. If the actual hours worked differ from the estimate, an adjustment will be made on the next payroll period. If the College has an unexpected closing on a Monday due to weather or other unusual event, then time sheets are due no later than noon (EST) on Tuesday.

All time sheets must be completed in full, totaled, signed by the employee and approved by the employee’s supervisor. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to notify the Payroll Office of who is authorized to approve an employee’s timesheet in their absence. It is also the supervisor’s responsibility to make arrangements for this to be done when they are away from the College.


The Individuals Responsible for Implementation: Vice President for Finance & Administration and Controller.